Workshops can be customized from 1 hour to 4 hour programs. Please inquire for costs and custom workshops.


Earth, Right Here, Right Now

Heaven is on Earth, right here, right now. Yet how many of us feel we are experiencing it in this moment? How many of us have never experienced it?

When we become aware that Heaven is possible to experience in our daily lives, we do not have to choose a painful path of suffering to feel worthy of passing through its doors. We do not have to wait for our lives to end to know what heaven is like. We can live heaven and our lives at the same time. If we insist on believing heaven is in some other place and for somebody else, we will never get there. Instead we will spend all of our time in these bodies searching for it.

So why not open to the idea that heaven is right here, right now? Lilia’s workshop helps us do just that.

What does “heaven” mean? 

We each have some idea of what heaven is for us. Even if heaven in this moment seems unattainable for you, there is something in that unavailability that is your definition of heaven. For most, heaven connects us to feelings of bliss, ecstasy, and sheer joy; some of the rarest and hardest to describe feelings we can have as humans – the Samadhi state of saints and sages.

How do we create it for ourselves? 

We begin in the present, where we are, and how we are. Lilia leads participants in meditation and breath work, incorporating many of the sacred mysteries, such as sacred geometry and spiritual alchemy as part of the process.

Lilia’s intention for the workshop is that participants will experience their own slice of heaven and take it into their daily living. She teaches practices that will help sustain it even through difficult challenges.


Spiritual Alchemy

There is a certain harmonic structure to the spaces around us. Sacred Geometry helps you come to terms with and better define this structure in your own life.

In this eye opening workshop you’ll learn how this spiritual connection works, how everything is intertwined, and how to apply it in your day to day existence.

If you’ve wondered how to transform negative energies into positive and how to develop a more profound sense of enlightenment, vibrant health and complete peace of mind, then a spiritual alchemy workshop may be what.

The alchemists of centuries ago were able to turn metals into gold. With the knowledge of spiritual alchemy in your life you’ll be able to make your own internal changes that are just as powerful and significant if not more so.


Workshops on Enneagram

The Enneagram is a tool based on sacred geometry that informs us of our subconscious personality dynamics. It describes nine basic types of personalities and mechanisms that allow for growth and transformation.

The Enneagram shows what we are not. By seeing more clearly what we are not, we can get a glimpse of our essence. We become more aware of who we truly are.

As we become aware of the Enneagram dynamics and how they show up in our thoughts and behaviors, we can make conscious choices to think and behave differently.