The Art of Listening to Angels

To her surprise, Lilia, when she was working as a state government lawyer, found herself talking to angels one day. By opening up to receiving these angelic messages, she ventured onto a new path of spiritual transformation, awakening to the depth and breadth of the Spirit realm and to her purpose: showing how we can live heaven on earth with the assistance of angels.

In The Art of Listening to Angels, Lilia shows how accessible angels are to help us on our spiritual path. In fact, as she was writing the book, the angels gave Lilia a five-step method for communicating with angels that helps achieve an enhanced connection. The process can be used for communicating with loved ones who have birthed into Spirit and other spiritual beings of love and light.

The angels also gave their spin on five basic truths for living a soul-inspired life:

• Know Yourself
• Love Yourself
• Be Here Now
• As Above, So Below; As Below, So Above; As Within, So Without
• We Are One



“Lilia Shoshanna Rae’s beautifully written book, “The Art of Listening to Angels,” is a must read for all on the path of enlightenment. Lilia shares her personal experiences of opening to communicating with guides and angels in a captivating, intimate manner that not only reveals her extraordinary path from her daily life as an attorney, but into the expansive realities of our multidimensional spiritual truth. Her sharing is a treatise of what so many are experiencing in the “New Earth”. This profound book is an excellent testament of wisdom and knowledge, and provides timely assistance and universal truths and divine wisdom to all. Highly recommend this superb read.”

- James Tyberonn, Author and Channel of Earth-Keeper Chronicles

“Lilia Shoshanna Rae has written a book that will not only touch your heart, it will change your life. The insights and personal stories will inspire you and help you embrace that you too can connect with angels. Through her five step process Lilia shares how you can open up and learn how to listen to the angels who want to communicate with you. “The Art of Listening to Angels” is not just another angel book, it is a must read for anyone who has ever asked the question, how do I connect with my angels?”

- Katye Anna , Author and Teacher of Soul